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Kuna Onboarding Email Series

Day 1 of 3: Let's Check Your Setup

It looks like you recently set up your first Kuna Powered Device. Nice work!
First, let’s double check to make sure your Kuna Powered Device is up-to-date and all your account information is correct!


Did you set up with the right email?

The email you used on the app is your Kuna App Account email. Make sure you log in with this exact email address and password to access your camera and sign up for your Kuna Premium plan at

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Has the firmware updated?

As long as you have a strong and stable internet connection, your Kuna Powered Device will update its firmware automatically overnight. If your app features aren’t working correctly, your firmware may not be up to date! Check the Device Health page in the Kuna App to view your firmware status.

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Is your router nearby?

Make sure your router is placed as close to your Kuna Powered Device as possible. The Wi-Fi signal has to travel through exterior walls, which reduces its signal strength. If you’re using a Wi-Fi extender, place it halfway between the light and the router to boost the signal more effectively. During setup, make sure your camera is connected to your closest wireless access point.

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Day 2 of 3: Learn To Use Kuna's Features

Now that your Kuna Powered Device is up and running, let’s make sure you can use all of its features correctly!


Can you view your live feed?

All your camera’s real-time features are located in your live video feed. Tap and hold the microphone icon to speak with someone outside, then release it when you’re finished. Or turn the light on and off by tapping the lightbulb icon.

For additional features, tap the “...” icon. Here, you can play an automatic message, start a manual recording, sound your 115-dB alarm, or call 911.

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Can you view past events?

Your camera recordings are located on the Events page of the Kuna App. With a free trial of Kuna Premium, you’ll be able to see all your camera’s recordings from the past 30 days. Tap the toggle icon in the top right-hand corner of your Events page to clear your recordings, filter your view to include certain cameras, or jump to a particular recording date.

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Can you adjust your settings?

For setting up automatic features, you’ll want to go into your camera settings (by tapping the gear icon in your camera thumbnail image). This is where you can manage your notifications and light schedule, turn your status LED on or off, change your camera’s Wi-Fi access point, or track your device health status (including Wi-Fi signal strength, current Wi-Fi channel, and more).

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Day 3 of 3: Improve Your Recording Accuracy

We know you’re eager to record important events, so let’s make sure your camera has the best settings for your environment.


Is your light on at night?

Your Kuna Powered Device uses the lightbulb to provide full-color HD nighttime footage. We recommend setting your light to Motion On -> Night (to save energy), but you can also leave the light on from dusk to dawn.

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Standard Detection or AI?

Kuna Premium subscribers have two different motion algorithms to choose from. Kuna’s standard detection algorithm is designed to pick up all major motion events. Kuna AI is an advanced detection algorithm that’s optimized to detect cars and people.

If you have Kuna Premium, you can go into your camera settings and turn Kuna AI on or off whenever you like. Without a Premium Plan, your camera will use Kuna’s standard motion detection algorithm.

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Is your camera detecting events?

The Maximus Smart Security Light and the Toucan are designed to detect motion events from up to 10 feet (3 meters) away. The Maximus Camera Floodlight is designed to detect motion events from up to 70 feet away, and has an adjustable PIR lens.

Everyone’s home is different, so you may have to try a few different configurations before you find the detection sensitivity settings that work best for you. As a general rule, it’s always better for your camera to be a bit too sensitive, instead of missing important events.

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