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How Do I Transfer Ownership or Change My Email?

If you need to change your Kuna App Account email address, please contact support. We can help!

If you're moving or giving your camera to someone else, we can delete it from our database - so the new owner can set it up like a brand new unit. Please make sure you've saved all the recordings you need to keep before requesting a deletion.

If you're changing your email, we recommend creating a new Kuna App Account with the email address you'd like to use, and adding this new account as a shared userThen, we can make the shared user the primary owner of the camera. Please make sure to contact us from both email accounts (old and new).

IMPORTANT: Your Premium Plan is tied to your Kuna App Account, not your cameras. If you change your Kuna email address, you'll need to cancel the plan for your old address, and sign up for the plan again with your new address.


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