Sharing Your Device

I want my friend or family member to have access to my device. How do I share it with them?

To share access to your device with another person, have them create a Kuna account. Once they create an account, you can share access to your device, and they will be able to view the live video feed, speak, access recordings, etc. For more information about setting up a Kuna account, click here

How to Share Your Device

To share your device with another user, visit the Devices tab of the mobile app and open the individual device settings by clicking the gear-shaped settings icon.



In that device's settings, you will see the option to Share your device. Clicking that option will bring up the list of people who currently have shared access to your device. 



In the top right-hand corner of the Share screen, click the Plus button. Next, type in the Kuna account email address of the person you would like to share your device with – and you're all set! 




The other user will automatically get access to this Kuna the next time they log in to the Kuna app. If you run into any issues with sharing your device, or if you have any questions, click the Contact Us button below. 

If you have an older version of the Kuna mobile app, click here to view the appropriate article.

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