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Accessing Kuna’s Features

Our simple and easy-to-use app is your one-stop shop for accessing all of your Camera Porch Light's amazing features - including live video, recordings, 2-way audio, turning your light on or off, and sounding an alarm.


Using Your Device and Adjusting Your Settings

Most of your settings and control buttons can be found through the Devices page of the Kuna app.

Tap the camera thumbnail image to access your camera's live video feed. Here, you'll also be able to:

 - Turn the light on or off 
 - Use the microphone to speak with visitors
 - Play a prerecorded message
 - Manually trigger a recording
 - Sound the alarm
 - Call 911

Tap the gear icon in the thumbnail image to access your individual camera settings. Here, you'll be able to:

 - Set up a light schedule
 - Turn the detection sound on or off
 - Turn your notifications (for that device) on or off
 - Adjust your motion detection sensitivity
 - Snooze your notifications (turn them off temporarily for a set period of time)

On the Account page, you can turn push notifications for all cameras on or off, or snooze notifications for all your cameras.


Managing Your Recordings

On the Events page, you'll be able to view recordings from all (or some) of your devices. Tap on any recording to play it. Here, you can also download a recording or delete recordings.


Still Have Questions?

Kuna: Monday - Friday, 8am to 5:30pm PT, (844) 905-1914

Toucan: Monday - Friday, 8:30am to 5pm PT, (888) 788-6888

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