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Deleting a Kuna From Your Account

IMPORTANT: Deleting a camera is effectively like a "factory reset". All of your settings and recordings will be deleted from our servers permanently. We DO NOT recommend deleting a camera while troubleshooting. Deleting a camera will also delete any diagnostic information we have about your device.


You can now delete a camera yourself, directly from the Kuna App! Only camera owners (not shared users) can remove a camera.

Before you delete a camera, make sure you've downloaded the recordings you want to keep!

To delete your camera, tap the gear icon in the camera thumbnail (on the Devices page of the Kuna App). Scroll down to the bottom of your camera settings page, then tap "Delete Device".




Select "Continue" on the next page if you're ready to complete the deletion.

Need help with the deletion process? Please reach out to Kuna Support - we'd be glad to assist you!

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