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How Long Will My Recordings Be Available?

All Kuna Powered Devices come standard with a 2-hour download and “look back” window. This allows you to view any recordings that have been generated within the past two hours, free of charge.

If you have a Kuna Premium Plan, your recordings will be available in the app for 7, 14, or 30 business days, depending on which plan you have:



  • Covers 1 Kuna camera
  • 7-Day Look Back


  • Covers Up to 4 Kuna cameras
  • 14-Day Look Back


  • Covers Up to 8 Kuna cameras
  • 30-Day Look Back


How to Access Older Recordings

If your camera is on a plan, and you want your existing recordings to be available for a longer period of time than your plan allows, you can temporarily upgrade your Essential Security plan or Peace of Mind plan to retain access to them. After you retrieve the footage you need, you can downgrade back to your original plan. Your refund will be processed as an account credit, but you can contact Kuna Support if you'd like the credit refunded.

If your camera is NOT on a plan, and you need to access a recording that's more than two hours old, we recommend signing up for a premium plan as soon as possible! Non-premium footage will be deleted from our servers after 4-hours. After you retrieve the footage you need, you can cancel the plan for a pro-rated refund if you prefer not to keep it.

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