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Adjusting Your Kuna AI Detection Sensitivity

If you're not getting the results you want from Kuna AI, this article will help you improve your detection accuracy!

Kuna AI Detection is available for Premium Plan members only. To learn more about standard detection, check out this article.


Problem: I am getting some false alerts

Solution: The best remedy for getting some periodic false positives is to adjust the “Events Preferences” option toward “fewer events”. This will reduce the sensitivity of the detection by requiring Kuna AI to be more certain about the detected object before sending an alert and starting a recording.


Problem: I am getting repeated false alerts or false alerts regularly at a certain time

Solution: Sometimes particular objects in view of the camera look like a person or vehicle when the lighting is just right, causing Kuna AI to alert. You can try adjusting the area of interest to exclude objects that may look like people (for example: trash cans, statues, etc). 


Problem: My detection is missing people or vehicles

Solution: The best remedy if you are sometimes missing people is to adjust the “Events Preferences” option toward “more events”. This will increase the sensitivity of the detection by allowing the AI to send alerts and start recordings, even if it is not as certain that it’s seeing a person or vehicle. This can help if you are missing detections.


Problem: Detection is not working well at night

Solution: Kuna AI requires sufficient light to see the object (in order to recognize it and trigger), so make sure that your light is turned on or set to turn on with motion at night, and that it is sufficiently bright to light up the person or car in question.

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