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What Personal Data Does Kuna Collect?

We collect only a minimal amount of your personal data. We only ask for information that is required for the functionality of your Kuna powered devices. 

Upon setting up your device(s), we will collect: 

  • - Your email address - this is used to login, register and setup your device. This will act as your Kuna app account. 
  • - Your WiFi credentials - this information is used to complete the setup of your device(s) and is securely stored on your camera using 128-bit AES encryption and bank-level SSL encryption .
  • - Device location - when completing setup, you will be prompted to enter your device’s location. This can be as vague as a city or as specific as an address, you can control and edit this at any time. We use this information for your light scheduling when using the dusk/dawn features. 

This is the only information required to set-up your device. 

If you decide to purchase a premium plan, we will require your credit card information to process subscription fees. Your card will only be charged for services you sign-up for. All card information is  encrypted with AES-256 through You can read more about Stripe security, here.

Additional information may be collected with your consent in the event of your needing individualized customer support.

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