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My Doorbell Won't Turn On

If your doorbell isn't turning on, these troubleshooting steps may help:

Hold down the front button until the ring turns blue and the doorbell makes a clicking sound (usually about 10-15 seconds). This can be done while the unit is receiving power.

After doing this, does the unit power up? And do the LEDs come on?

If the doorbell powers up: please let us know the sequence of lights that it goes through and what LED state it settles on after a couple of minutes? We’ll need to know the color and pattern (blinking, pulsing, or solid) of the LEDs. Try pressing the doorbell, and let us know if the doorbell itself makes a sound and whether your home’s chime makes a sound.

If the doorbell does not power up: please try resetting the doorbell again by disconnecting the unit from power and holding down the reset button on the back for 15 seconds using a pen or paper clip. Once you’ve reset the unit, reconnect to power and let us know what the doorbell button LED looks like and what happens when you press the button (as described above).

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