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How Does Kuna Protect My Privacy?

Your privacy is very important to us! If you haven't already, we strongly recommend reading our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service. These documents provides a complete breakdown of what information we collect and why. Here are some simplified answers to common privacy questions:


Does Kuna Send My Information to Law Enforcement?

Law enforcement officials DO NOT have unfettered access to your recordings or personal information. Your information will be shared with them if required by subpoena, or other judicial or administrative order, or as required by law.


Can You See Where My Camera Is Located?

Not precisely. You have the option to provide any address within 100 miles when you're setting your camera's location. We DO NOT need your exact address for our location-based features to work correctly.


Can Kuna Support See My Account Information or Recordings?

Kuna Support team members have restricted access to basic diagnostics and account information for each camera. They have no way to access your device's live feed or recordings. If advanced troubleshooting is required, we may ask for your permission to let an engineer access your Kuna App Account.


Does Kuna Sell My Information to Third-Parties?

Absolutely not! Any information we collect is only used internally.


Is My Device Secure?

We've taken advanced precautions to keep your Kuna Powered Devices as secure as possible. No one can access your device unless you've shared it. Your data and recorded activity is protected by 128-bit AES encryption and bank-level SSL encryption. Your password is salted and hashed with a cryptographically secure hash function, so even we cannot know it.

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