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Introducing Custom Greetings

Kuna Premium Subscribers can create their own Custom Greetings. These work just like our popular Automated Greetings, which allow you to set your light to play a sound when motion is detected. You can record 3 greetings (up to 10 seconds each) per Kuna App Account.


Setting Up Custom Greetings

Premium Users can access Custom Greetings through Account Settings or through Camera Settings.

IMPORTANT: Only the account owner can record premium greetings.


Accessing_Custom_Greetings_through_Account_Settings.png      Accessing_Custom_Greetings_through_Camera_Settings.png     


Press Start Recording when you're ready to speak. Press Stop Recording when you're finished.


Press_Record_to_Start_Recording_Greeting.png       Press_Stop_when_You_re_Done_Recording.png


To erase the recording and start again, press Redo Recording. To keep it, tap Save (in the upper-right-hand corner) and give your recording a name. Press OK to save.


Save_your_recording_or_press_Redo_Recording_to_Record_again.png       Name_your_Greeting.png


Using Custom Greetings

Your Custom Greetings can now be used anytime in Live View. To set your Custom Greeting as an Automated Greeting, toggle Greet on Detection to the on position and select the sound you prefer.


Use_Custom_Greetings_in_Live_View.png       Accessing_Custom_Greetings_through_Camera_Settings.png


IMPORTANT: To access custom greetings, your camera must be associated with a Premium Plan. Both camera owners and shared users will have access.



I'm not on a plan. Can I still use the prerecorded greetings?

Of course! Custom Greetings are supplemental to the prerecorded Automated Greetings. All Kuna App users have access to our prerecorded greetings in the Live View and as Automated Greetings.

I can't access the Manage Custom Greetings Screen.

If you're not on a Kuna Premium Plan (or a Kuna Premium Trial), or you're viewing a shared camera, you will not be able access this screen. If you own the camera and you have a Premium Plan, make sure you're using the latest version of the Kuna App and your device's firmware is up to date.

I can't see my Custom Greetings (in Live View or under Greeting Sound).

Check to make sure the camera owner has a Kuna Premium Plan, and the camera is active on the plan in the Account Settings. Then, check to make sure Custom Greetings are displayed in the Manage Custom Greetings screen.

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