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Understanding Your Device Health

You can see more information about your camera by going to the Device Health section of the Kuna App. This is one of the options under camera settings (gear icon).




Device Health is broken down into two sections: Wi-Fi Network and Device Information. Here's what the information in each section means:


Wi-Fi Network

Network: The Wi-Fi access point your camera is currently connected to. Tap the arrow to learn more about changing your Wi-Fi network or network information.

Status: Tells you if the camera is currently online or offline. Tap the arrow to learn more about improving your Wi-Fi stability.

Signal: The current signal strength your camera is able to see for the Wi-Fi access point it's connected to. Tap the arrow to learn more about improving your Wi-Fi signal strength.

Technical Information: Tap the arrow to see additional information about your Wi-Fi network, including the channel your Wi-Fi access point is broadcasting on. Your local IP address, SSID and BSSID are also listed here.


Device Information

MAC Address: The unique hardware number assigned to your camera (that your router sees). If you're not using advanced privacy controls or MAC filtering, this number will not be important for you.

Serial Number: The unique item number of your camera. You may need to provide your serial number to the support team for troubleshooting purposes.

Firmware: If your camera has the latest version of our firmware, this will simply say "Up to Date". If your firmware needs to be updated, you can push a manual update here. Tap the arrow see your firmware build number.

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