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How Does the Amazon Echo Integration Work?

You can now use voice control on your Amazon Echo to control the lights on your Kuna Powered devices! This new integration is now live for all Kuna Powered devices – all you need is your Amazon Echo and your Kuna account. 

Whether you group multiple lights together, or use this feature for a single Kuna Powered device, you will now be able to turn on and off the light bulb with a single voice command. 

The steps below will walk you through setting up the integration!


Setting Up the Kuna Smart Home Skill

The Kuna Smart Home Skill is now available in the Alexa app! You can find the skill by searching for "Kuna" in either the Skills Section or the Smart Home section. 

1. Open the Alexa mobile app and login using your Amazon account email address and password.




2. Tap on the Menu icon, and click Skills. 




3. Search for "Kuna" in the Skills section and click "Enable Skill".




4. Next, you'll be prompted to sign in with your Kuna account email address and password. 




5. Once you have signed into your Kuna account, you'll be asked to Authorize Amazon to read and change your camera information. This step is necessary for Amazon Echo to turn on and off your Kuna lights.




Once the skill is enabled and you have Authorized Amazon to read and change camera information, you'll be prompted to discover Kuna Powered devices from within the Alexa app. 

As soon as your Amazon Echo has discovered your device, you will be able to start using the Kuna Smart Home integration! 




Do I need a Kuna account to use the Amazon Echo integration?

Yes, you will need a Kuna account that has access to a Kuna Powered device to setup this Amazon Echo integration.


Why do I need to sign into my Kuna account from the Alexa app?

Signing into your Kuna account gives the Alexa app the ability to identify and control your Kuna Powered Devices. Without signing into your Kuna account, the Alexa app would not be able to apply the new skill to your Kuna Powered Devices.


Do I need to own a Kuna Powered device to setup the Amazon Echo integration?

You will not need to own a Kuna Powered Device, but if you are not the owner, you will need to have shared access to a Kuna Powered Device to setup the integration.


Does this Amazon Echo integration work with my device?

The Kuna Smart Home Integration skill is compatible with all Kuna Powered Devices, no matter when you purchased them.


I set up a new device, and Alexa cannot find it. What do I do?

If Alexa has not yet discovered the device either click the Discover Devices button from the Smart Home Skill page, or say “Alexa, discover my devices”. Alexa will then discover your new device, and you’ll be all set.


Alexa has trouble identifying the name of my Kuna Powered Device. What do I do?

Alexa does have some trouble identifying certain names, like “New Device 1” or “Toucan”. We suggest changing the name of your device to something a little easier for Alexa to understand like “Front Door” or “Garage”. On the main screen of the Alexa app, you can see a transcription of what your Echo heard, to help identify which words are being misunderstood. 

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