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I Forgot My Password

If you have forgotten the password for your Kuna account, or if you are having difficulty logging into the mobile app, you can reset your password directly from the mobile app's login screen. Note that the password for the Kuna account is not the password for your wi-fi setup (unless you chose the same passwords for both).


Step 1: Open the Kuna mobile app and click Log In



Step 2: Enter your Kuna account email password in the EMAIL section and click "FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD?" 



Step 3: Confirm the password reset by clicking "YES"



Step 4: Check your email inbox for the password reset email and choose a new password for your Kuna account email address.


If you have any questions, or if you run into any issues, click the Contact Us button below. We would be happy to help! 

If you have an older version of the mobile app, click here to view the appropriate instructions. 

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