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Default Settings in Kuna-SE

After setting up your Camera Wall Plate for the first time, you will be asked whether you would like to 'Set Up the Device Yourself' or 'Start with Default Settings':


IMG_0504.PNG      Settings.PNG


If you start with our default settings, here's what you can expect:


1. Lights

The light intensity will be set to 100%. This means that when your lights turn ON, they will be at their maximum brightness.


2. Sound

The sound or speaker volume will be set to 100%. This means that when using push-to-talk during live interactions, or when playing a prerecorded message or greeting, the volume will be at its max - so your guests will be sure to hear you!


3. Camera

The Camera settings are new to Kuna-SE and let you control the image quality and enable night vision. There are two features available in the Camera Settings - Night Vision and HDR. By default we will have both Night Vision and HDR turned OFF.



What is Night Vision?

This allows you to change your recordings and live view from full color to Infrared (IR) night vision. Typically, your Kuna devices will use the built-in lights and ambient lighting to provide full-color video at night.

When should I use Night Vision?

Night vision is helpful in locations where the lights can't or shouldn't be on at night. This setting allows the Kuna to continue making detections in a dark area.

What is HDR?

High-dynamic-range (HDR) imagining is a technique used in photographic imaging to reproduce a greater range of luminosity ("brightness") than standard digital imaging.

When should I use HDR?

This setting is helpful if when camera images are high contrast. We recommend turning this on when the camera view appears washed out, or it's hard to make out details, both of which are more likely to happen with night vision.

4. Mute Camera Mic

Muting the camera mic is a new Kuna-SE feature. You can now mute your device's microphone so that it will not record audio. The Mute Camera Mic will be turned OFF, meaning you will be capturing audio.


In some areas you must have consent before recording someone's audio. We always recommend checking your local laws and guidelines on audio and video recording before using our products.

5. Event Detection

In Event Detection you can control how sensitive your device is to motion and customize where your device should detection motion.


Motion Level 

The Motion Level slider controls how sensitive your PIR (passive infrared sensor) is to motion. By default we set this to 50% - in our experience a setting of 50% seems to work well for most environments.

Kuna AI

Our devices use a combination of PIR and our vision-based algorithm to help determine motion events.AI allows Kuna-SE to report if it is seeing people or vehicles, and also count how many of each it sees.

Kuna AI is available to accounts that are on a premium trial or are a premium plan subscribers. For Trial and Premium accounts, Kuna AI will be ON by default. For all other accounts Kuna AI will be OFF by default.

Areas of Interest (AOI)

You can customize your AOI to control where your camera picks up detections. Both the People and the Vehicle AOI will be completely selected. We will mark the entire camera view as an 'Area of Interest' so we don't miss anything. 

6. Schedule

This is where you can set your light schedule - instructing the lights to automatically turn ON or OFF when you need them.

New to Kuna-SE, you can now also schedule when you want your camera to be "active", meaning, when you want your camera to pick up detections and generate recordings. In addition to when your camera should be active, you can schedule how you want your camera to respond to detections - do you want the device to play a custom greeting? Turn on the lights? Or simply record the event?

By default your schedule will be set to:

  • - Detection Schedule - 24/7 
  • - Light Schedule - ON at Dusk and OFF at Dawn, 7-days a week
  • - We will not play any greetings upon detection and the lights will not come on when motion is detected, they will only come on and stay on from Dusk to Dawn.

sched.PNG     sched-greet+light.PNG

7. Timezone & Location

We will automatically capture the Timezone and Location of your camera when you take it through the set-up flow.




Of course, all of these settings are customizable and can be changed whenever you need. You can read more about all the different settings and features in our Help Center - more camera wall plate and Kuna-SE content coming soon!

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