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Camera Wall Plate Installation Guide


A complete printed installation guide is included in the product box. You can download extra copies here.

We’ve designed the Camera Wall Plate to update your existing light fixture in a few easy steps. Just take down your old fixture, mount it to Camera Wall Plate and connect the wall plate to your existing power wires, then mount the light to your junction box.

WARNING: 120V AC light installation requires knowledge of lighting and electrical systems. Do not attempt to install a Camera Porch Light yourself if you are unfamiliar with outdoor lighting. Please contact a qualified electrician if you have any questions or need assistance.


The instructions that follow show the CWP installed with its camera at the bottom. You can also choose to install with the camera at the top by rotating the device 180 degrees.

If you are upgrading a Kuna Camera Porch Light, first read the instructions in the Appendix. Follow Steps 1 and 2 below, then Steps K1 to K5 in the Appendix, and resume the standard instructions at Step 3.



Step 1 - Disconnect Power and Adjust Bracket

Disconnect power at fuse or circuit breaker before installing the light. 

Before installing your Camera Wall Plate (CWP), make sure that power is turned off at your circuit breaker and at your wall switch, so your current outdoor light is not receiving power. Once you have verified that your current outdoor light is no longer receiving power, it's okay to start the installation process! 

Attach the CWP mounting bracket to the junction box using two mounting screws. If the screws provided are not long enough, reuse the ones used previously in this junction box. Make sure the wires from the junction box remain accessible outside.


Loosen the adjustment screw, and adjust the angle between the two arms of the mounting bracket so that the mounting posts are in the appropriate position for the mounting holes on the CWP (i.e directions NE & SW or NW & SE). Snug, but do not tighten the adjustment screw.


Step 2 - Fasten the CWP to the Bracket

Place the CWP so the mounting holes fi t on the mounting posts.


Use the built-in level to adjust. Now tighten the adjustment screw. Ensure the wires from the junction box and the CWP remain accessible outside.


Step 3 - Attach the Light Fixture to the Bracket

Attach the light fixture bracket to the CWP by threading two mounting screws through the arm of the light fixture bracket into the two mounting posts of the CWP mounting bracket. Adjust and level the light fixture bracket.


The Camera Wall Plate should only be mounted with the camera below the light fixture.


Step 4 - Adjust Screw Height 

Adjust the screw height so that your fixture’s plate can be fitted on snugly using its decorative nuts. The provided holding hook (K) is designed to show the height for Kuna devices. Use the hook to suspend the light from the fixture bracket you just installed, this will free up your hands for the wiring in the next step. You may need to lower the camera bar to make room for the hanging fixture.



Step 5 - Connect the Wires

Connect the wiring. Make sure you have a secure connection.

BLACK WIRE CWP ‹› Junction Box

WHITE WIRE CWP ‹› Junction Box ‹› Light Fixture


The Red Wire is AC Power controlled by the CWP.



Attach your fixture’s ground wire between the junction box ground and the fixture bracket. We recommend using a ground wire even if your fixture does not provide one. Push all 3 wire nuts inside the junction box for safety.


Step 6 - Mount your Light Fixture

Now that the wiring is connected, mount your light fixture, following its specific instructions. If a light bulb is not inside already, put it in. (maximum wattage: 60W) Typically, you will slide the light fixture over two screws attached to the mounting bracket, and secure the light with decorative nuts.


We strongly recommend you use silicone caulking to seal the gap between the wall and the Camera Wall Plate, as well as the gap between the Light Fixture and the Camera Wall Plate. Proper caulking will ensure that water does not enter the wall or the light fixture.

IMPORTANT Caulk only the upper 2/3, leaving the lower 1/3 uncaulked (dotted outline in diagram) to enable drainage of any water that seeps in.


Step 7 - Adjust the Camera View

It is important that the camera view is not obstructed by the light fixture. Your fixture may need the camera bar to be pulled down so the view is not obstructed. (Note: If you have mounted a Kuna Camera Porch Light to your CWP, you will not need to adjust the camera bar). 


A. Pull down the Camera Bar with the Camera Module to the same height as the bottom of your Light Sconce.

B. Place an Arrow Shim to the inside of the Pull Rod. Use one hand to hold the Camera Bar in position and use the other hand to push the Arrow Shim up until it is secured or all the way in.

C. Repeat on the other side of the Pull Rod.


NOTE you may need to fine tune this adjustment after using the app to look at the live view from the camera.


Step 8 - Finish Setup with the Kuna-SE App

Once adjusted, but before securing the the CWP to the wall, reconnect power to fuse or circuit breaker, and follow the instructions in the Kuna-SE app for WiFi setup. Using the app make sure camera view is as desired and is unobstructed. Now secure the CWP to the wall.

Verify the camera position and readjust if needed.

Note if this is your first CWP, you will need to download the Kuna-SE app from the app store and create a new Kuna-SE account. Kuna-SE is independent of the Kuna app. If you have existing Kuna devices, like the Camera Porch Light, Doorbell or Floodlight, you will still need to download Kuna-SE and create a new account.


Step 9 - Optional SD Card

New to Kuna-SE and the Camera Wall Plate - The Camera Wall Plate supports a micro-SD card (not included, up to 1 TB) for 24/7 video storage. We recommend: 64 GB for 5 days of 24/7 recording or 128 GB for 10 days of 24/7 recording. Please refer to the SD card manufacturer’s guidelines before installing.


TO INSTALL make sure the CWP is powered o . Use a fi ngernail to pry open the rubber cover of the micro-SD card slot. Insert the micro-SD card into the slot. Push down until you hear it click into place.

TO REMOVE make sure the CWP is powered o before removing the micro-SD card.


Step 10 - Secure the CWP Bar

Secure the camera bar bracket to the camera bar using the two small machine screws. This will discourage unauthorized access to the SD card, and also enhances the elegance of your new Camera Wall Plate!


OPTIONAL In addition, you can also fi x the bar bracket to the wall.

For rough walls (such as stucco), drill holes, and use the supplied anchors and anchor screws.

For smooth walls, use the supplied double-sided (removable) tape behind the bracket.


Appendix: Upgrade your Kuna Camera Porch Light (CPL)

Start the steps below after Step 2 above

TOOLS NEEDED Phillips screwdriver, step ladder, slip joint pliers, wire strippers, Fixture Holding Hook.

K1 - Disconnect Power

Disconnect power at fuse or circuit breaker. Once you have verified that the light is no longer receiving power, it’s safe to remove the old Camera Porch Light and start the installation process.

K2 - Remove Hex Nuts and Washers 

Use a pair of slip joint pliers to remove both sets of hex nuts and washers on the CPL wall plate; you will reuse them in the same order in step K5. The bolts should remain on the plate.


K3 - Prepare the Camera Porch Light's Wires

Carefully snip the two wires (black and white) that connect into the light fi xture. It is best to cut o as little as possible to allow for easy connection - you can trim them again later if necessary. Strip and expose about an inch of bare wire on both.


K4 - Disassemble the CPL

Remove the old Kuna wall plate from the sconce. Cleaning the sconce before reinstalling will make it as good as new!


K5 - Fasten the CPL Sconce to the CWP Adapter Plate

Place the round adapter plate over the Porch Light sconce. Using your fingers, lower the height of the two “bolts” in the Porch Light so they fit below the rim of the round plate. Reuse the hex nuts and washers in the same order and tighten the two bolts.








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