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Special Situations During Installation

Your Kuna Porch Light or Camera Floodlight is designed to easily replace your existing outdoor light fixture. However, if you have an older junction box, or you light does not easily sit flush with the wall, you may need to make some additional adjustments.

We always recommend consulting an electrician if you have any sort of non-standard electrical setup. However, the following tips should help you get started.


The light doesn't fit with my junction box.

We included a second, shorter pair of screws in your Kuna installation packet to account for a variety of setups. This allows you to mount the bracket in parallel. If you didn't receive an extra set of screws, please contact support - so we can send you some!


There is a gap between my light and the wall.

If there is still a small gap between your light and the wall, we recommend using silicone sealant or Ribbon Sealer to keep the back of your light protected against the elements. Although your device is weatherproof, water can still get behind it and cause damage if there is a significant gap.

Ribbon Sealer is a good substitute for caulking for when there is a large gap between the SSL and the wall or mounting plate. It's super easy to use, it's watertight, and it's easy to remove. 


I don't have a ground wire.

No problem! Every light is double insulated, so a ground wire is not required for installation. The electrical code for safety does require ground wires to be installed in newer outlet boxes, but there are exceptions for older outlet boxes and GFCI protected wiring - so your outlet box may not have one, especially if you have an older home.

You can attach the ground wire to the green nut on the fixture that is marked GND - for ground. You should also be able to attach that wire to the metal part of the junction box itself.


My wires don't have wire caps.

You light does not require you to make ANY adjustments to the wires or the existing wire caps. Tampering with these will void your warranty. If you believe you received a unit with an incorrect wiring setup, please reach out to support right away.


I have a newer home in California with GU24 lamp fittings.

In 2008, Title 24 regulations in California began requiring all new homes (and home remodels) to install energy efficient lighting, including lights with GU24 lamp fittings. A GU24 lamp fitting is a bi-pin connector for compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) or LED lamps. It uses a twist-lock bi-pin connector instead of a traditional Edison screw fitting (E26 or E27)

If you’re installing a Camera Porch Light or a Camera Floodlight, you’ll be replacing your entire light fixture (lamp fittings and all), so there is not need to buy a special adapter (unless you prefer to use GU24 bulbs).

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