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How to Leave a Video Voicemail

In addition to playing a pre-recorded message when someone is detected, you can set your outgoing message to Video Voicemail. This feature will prompt visitors to "leave a message" for you, that you can review later.


Available Messages

The messages available for this feature are all of the pre-recorded messages (including seasonal ones), the "chime message", and the new Video Voicemail feature!

This feature can be enabled in your device's Settings section, under Detection Sound. In the Detection Sound section, simply choose "Video Voicemail". 



This feature is controlled from the camera settings menu, by clicking on the gear-shaped settings icon from the camera list view.



Scroll to the bottom of the device settings section, and you'll see the Detection Sound section.



The on/off setting for this feature is a single toggle switch named “Play Sound on Detection”, in this Detection Sound section. By default, this feature is turned off.



Toggling the switch from the off position to the on position will enable the Video Voicemail feature.

The default sound to play will be a “Chime”, but by clicking on the Chime icon, you can change that to Video Voicemail. 



From there, you will not need to configure any more settings for the default setup, and your device will now prompt visitors to leave you a Video Voicemail!

If you wish to change the sound being played again in the future, you can do so in the “Sound” field which appears beneath the “Play Sound on Detection” toggle. In this section, you can toggle on/off your Video Voicemail feature, or try one of the other great Detection Sounds!



How often does the sound play?

The detection sound will play each time a new detection event occurs, i.e. each time a recording is started. If a recording is already in progress and someone else walks into the frame, or walks back into the frame, the sound will not be re-played. This effectively limits the sound to be played once per minute or two.

At what volume does the sound play?

The sound is played at the same volume as a pre-recorded message from the live view, according to the volume preference that you have set for the device. 

Can the sound be heard from the recordings?

Yes. You are most likely familiar with the fact that push-to-talk audio is not present in the recordings, but pre-recorded messages are indeed present. This will allow you to capture people’s reactions to the sounds being played.

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