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Pairing a Companion Light

To set up your new Companion Light, you will need to pair it with a full Camera Porch Light. Please make sure that you have your Companion Light correctly installed, powered on, and within 30 feet of your Camera Porch Light. Your Camera Porch Light will also need to be powered on and online (solid blue status LED).

Before we get started, make sure that your Companion Light has a solid red status LED and double check that you are logged into the Kuna account that you used to set up your Camera Porch Light.


Step 1 - Open the Kuna App

First, make sure that you have the latest version Kuna app downloaded from the Apple App Store (for iOS) or the Google Play Store (for Android). Next, open the Kuna mobile app and head to the Devices tab.


Step 2 - Add a New Device to Your Account 

When you open the Kuna mobile app, you will see the Devices tab and a thumbnail from the live view of your Camera Porch Light. To pair your Companion Light with your Camera Porch Light, click the Add Device button on the top right-hand corner of the screen.  



Clicking the Add Device button will show your device options. For this walk-through, we will choose the Companion Light option by tapping the picture of the Companion Light.



Step 3 - Select Your Device and Find Companion Light

You will need to choose which Camera Porch Light you want to link with this Companion Light. If you have multiple Camera Porch Lights set up under your account, they will show up in this section. Make sure that you select the correct Camera Porch Light to pair with, and that your Companion Light is within 30 feet of your Camera Porch Light.

Now, choose the Camera Porch Light you would like to pair your Companion Light to. In the screen shot below, we will choose the Camera Porch Light named "Office". 




Next, search for your Companion light by selecting the "Tap to Search for Companions" button. This will prompt your Camera Porch Light and mobile app to identify the Companion Lights in the area. 



You will need to be close to your Companion Light. We recommend holding your mobile device no more than five feet away from your Companion Light.

After selecting the Tap to Search for Companions button, your mobile app will search for Companion Lights in your vicinity.



Step 4 – Choose the Companion Light

If there is a Companion light (or multiple Companion Lights) in the vicinity, the closest one to your Camera Porch Light should now be flashing the light bulb on and off. If this is the Companion Light that you would like to link to your Camera Porch Light, select "Yes".

If you would like to add a different Companion Light to this Camera Porch Light, select "No". Your mobile app will then move to the next Companion Light in the area. This Companion Light will then flash the light bulb on and off. You can repeat this process until you reach the correct Companion Light.



Once you click Yes, you will be prompted to name that Companion Light. You can pick any name that you would like, and if you have multiple Companion Lights, you can number them accordingly.

Once you enter the name and hit OK, you're all set! That Companion Light has successfully been added to your Camera Porch Light.



Step 5 – Add More Companion Lights!

To add additional Companion Lights, you can repeat the process, starting with Step 2, adding a new device. 

If you run into any issues, or if you see any error messages, hit the Contact Us button below. We would be happy to help!

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