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Will the New Tariffs Affect Kuna Prices?

We've been getting questions from some of you about whether the new tariffs will affect Kuna. Unfortunately, these tariffs do impact the pricing that we receive from our suppliers. We've been working with our partners to minimize the impact of these tariffs on you, our customers. However, we regret to say that despite our best efforts, we weren't completely successful.
Unfortunately, we will be increasing the prices on many of the hardware products sold on the website starting November 1st, 2018.
This definitely wasn't our first choice, and we’ve tried hard to minimizes the increases, but in the end we had no other options. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
To help you offset the new costs, we are starting our Halloween sale early. If you or any of your family and friends have been considering purchasing a Kuna Powered product through our website, please take advantage of the sale prices now.
Please note that these changes are for the hardware products on the Kuna website only. There will be no impact on the Kuna Premium cloud subscription plans. Our retail partners like Costco and Home Depot have their own pricing strategies, so we're not able to speak to whether their prices will change or not. Thank you for your support.

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