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INTERNAL: Updates to Our Terms and Conditions

We simplified and clarified a few of our policies to help provide you with better coverage!


Price Matching

We regret we are contractually unable to match prices at other retailers. We are also unable to honor sale prices outside the sale periods.



Standard Warranty: Our standard warranty is one year from the date of purchase.

Warranty Conditions: 1-Year, Non-Transferable, Authorized Channels. Our manufacturing partners each offer a 1-year warranty on devices purchased from authorized sales channels. The warranty extends to the original owner of the Kuna Powered Devices. Use of devices outside of the United States and/or Canada voids all warranties.


Premium Plan Subscriptions

Theft Protection: We offer theft protection on Kuna Powered Devices for all active premium subscribers; for any theft reported to law enforcement.

Subscription Based: All premium plans are subscription based, either month-to-month or annual.

Automatic Renewal: Premium subscriptions are charged automatically to the card on file with our payment processor - this helps prevent a lapse in your service!

Automatic Card Updates: Our payment processor may work with your credit card company to keep the card on-file up to date - you can read more about that directly from our payment processor here.

At-Will Cancellations: You can choose to cancel your plan at any time by visiting


Other Reminders

Data Privacy: Members of our technical and troubleshooting teams do have access to a limited amount of device information, such as: your WiFi SSID, WiFi channel, your email address. But we never access your live feed or recordings without your explicit permission and only for purposes of troubleshooting. We do verify and comply with legitimate requests from law enforcement and the courts.

Currency USD: All charges on our site(s) ( & are listed and made in USD.

#CapturedbyKuna: We’ve simplified the #CapturedbyKuna program to provide a standard $60 credit to all #CBK winners.

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Toucan: Monday - Friday, 8:30am to 5pm PT, (888) 788-6888

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