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Why Was I Charged Automatically?

When you sign up for a Kuna Premium Plan, you agree to an automatic renewal of the plan each year (for annual customers) or each month (for monthly customers). If you don't want to be charged again, or need to reverse a charge that was made, please log in to with your Kuna App Account and following the instructions to cancel the plan. You will be refunded the pro-rated balance (via your original payment method) automatically!


Automatic Payment FAQ

Can I sign up for a plan without signing up for automatic renewal?

Sorry, no. Our payment processing provider, Stripe, requires active customers to have an active credit card on file. This also helps us make sure there's no disruption to your Premium service!


I no longer have a Kuna Powered Device. Why did I get charged?

If you don't have any more devices, make sure to log in to to cancel your plan right away! Your plan is tied to your Kuna App Account, not your cameras. Deleting a camera will not delete your plan.


My credit card information was updated without my permission. How did that happen?

Stripe may work directly with your credit card provider to update your card in our system when you have a new expiration date or card number. Learn more about that here. Like Kuna, Stripe uses bank-level encryption to make sure your information is safe and secure.

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