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Pairing a Toucan Smart Socket – Legacy App

This article is for legacy app users. Check out this article if you have Kuna App version 2.0 or higher.


First, make sure that you have set up your Toucan device, that your Toucan is powered on, and that your Smart Socket has a working light bulb. If you need help setting up your Toucan, click here! Next, we’ll pair the Smart Socket with that Toucan device.

From the Cameras tab of the mobile app, click the Camera Plus button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.




Clicking that Camera Plus button will prompt you to choose between setting up a Kuna Light, Kuna Companion, Toucan, or Toucan Smart Socket. Select the Smart Socket option.




The Smart Socket pairing process uses Bluetooth, so your mobile device will need to be close to both your Toucan and your Smart Socket. We recommend holding your mobile device no more than 5 feet away during this setup process.


Next, you’ll need to choose which Toucan to pair your Smart Socket to. Choose your Toucan’s name from the list of available devices.




Now that your mobile app knows which Toucan the Smart Socket will pair to, you’ll need to search for available Smart Sockets.




Clicking the “Tap to Search for Smart Sockets” button will have your Toucan device check for available Smart Sockets in the vicinity.


Once your Toucan locates the closest Smart Socket, it will send a command for the light bulb of that Smart Socket to start flashing. Make sure that you have a working light bulb in that Smart Socket for this pairing process.




Once you have verified that the light bulb in your Smart Socket is flashing, you will click the “Yes” button. This will pair the flashing Smart Socket to your Toucan. If the light bulb in your Smart Socket is not flashing, please click the "No" button and follow the steps to re-pair it. 

After that socket is paired, you can click the "Add Toucan Smart Sockets" link at the top of the screen to pair additional Smart Sockets. Or, you can click the Done button in the top right hand corner, and you’re all set!




If you run into any issues during the pairing process, or if your Smart Socket’s light bulb does not flash, contact us at!


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