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Is My Device Compatible with a Companion Light? – Legacy App

This article is for legacy app users. Check out this article if you have Kuna App version 2.0 or higher.


Do you already have a Kuna or Kuna Powered Device installed? Before purchasing a matching Companion light, let's make sure that your current light is Companion compatible. 

There are two easy options to check this compatibility:   


Option 1: Companion Pairing Process 

The first option for checking if your current light is compatible with a Companion light is by attempting the Companion Pairing Process.

Open the Kuna mobile app. Then, head to the Cameras tab, and click the Camera Plus button on the top right hand corner. 




In the Add New Device section, click the Kuna Companion option. 




Clicking the Kuna Companion button will bring you to a list of the Kuna or Kuna Powered devices currently linked to your account. 




Next, click the name of the Kuna or Kuna Powered device that you would like to pair with a Companion light. 




If clicking the name of your current light takes you to the Companion pairing process, like the photo above, then your current light is compatible with a Companion light. 




If clicking the name of your Kuna leads you to the error message above, then your current light is not compatible with a Companion light. 


Option 2: Check Serial Number 

Another way to check Companion compatibility is to look at your current light's serial number. For this, open the Kuna mobile app and head to the Cameras tab. 




To find this unique serial number, click the gear-shaped Settings icon next to your Kuna's name and check the Serial Number section. 




If, after the initial four letters (OOKN), you see the letter combination BL or BR, like the photo on the left, your light is Companion compatible. 

If you do not have a BL or BR after the initial four letters (OOKN), then this device is not compatible with Companion lights. 


For non-compatible Kuna and Kuna Powered devices, click the Contact Us button below and ask about a device upgrade option!

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