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What Happens When My Trial Ends?

When your free trial is over, you can choose to sign up for a Premium Plan. If you prefer not to, your Kuna Powered Device is still free to use.


Will my light stop working if I don't sign up for a plan?

Absolutely not! The functionality of your light and the Kuna app will not change. However, we do recommend signing up for a plan if you need access to older recordings. Without a plan, your recordings will only be saved for 2 hours each, and you'll be limited to three recording downloads per month.


If I don't sign up for a plan, what will happen to my recordings?

If you do not upgrade to a Premium Plan, every event older than 2 hours will automatically be removed from your app. If you need to keep any important recordings, we highly recommend you download and save them before your trial ends.

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