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Removing Shared Kuna Access – Legacy App

This article is for legacy app users. Check out this article if you have Kuna App version 2.0 or higher.


To remove a Kuna that another user shared with you, first go into the settings for that Kuna by tapping on the gear in its thumbnail:




Then select Remove Shared Kuna to no longer have access to this Kuna. Please note: the owner of the Kuna will need to share it with you again if you want to view it again.




To remove another user's access to your Kuna, go to that Kuna's settings by tapping on the gear icon on its thumbnail:




Then go to the Share Kuna menu:




Find the user email you want to remove, and slide that email to the left. Tap the delete button, and that user will no longer have access to this Kuna.



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