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Sharing Kuna with Another User – Legacy App

This article is for legacy app users. Check out this article if you have Kuna App version 2.0 or higher.


The easiest way to share your Kuna is to have the other person sign up for their own Kuna account. You can then share access to your Kuna with them, and they will be able to view the live video feed, speak, access recordings, etc. For more information about setting up a Kuna account, click here.

The alert preferences are set individually for each account. For example, if you turn alerts on and they turn alerts off, you'll get alerts but they won't. If both of you have alerts turned on, you'll both receive alerts on your mobile devices. For more information, check out this article about setting alerts for an individual Kuna. 


How to Share Your Kuna

To share your Kuna with another user, first tap on the settings for that particular Kuna:




Next, select the Share Kuna option:




This screen will allow you to add other users to access your Kuna by entering their email. Tap the "+" button, and then add the email address for their account. 




The other user will automatically get access to this Kuna the next time they log in to the Kuna app. 

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