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Is Kuna Shipping Outside the United States?

Hello international visitors! Thanks for asking. We are currently focused on the US and Canada markets. US customers can buy Smart Security Lights and Companion Lights in our online store and on Amazon


Although Kuna no longer ships directly to Canada, the Maximus Smart Security Light and Companion Light, both Kuna Powered Devices, are available at Home Depot stores in Canada, thanks to our manufacturing partner. You can buy them online and get free shipping, or pick them up at one of the 158 participating stores

Other Countries

We receive questions about Kuna from countries like Australia, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and many other countries in Europe and Asia. In the future, we hope to make Kuna available to our fans all over the world!

Although the newest Kuna models can safely support up to 240V, our packaging does not reflect this yet, and we are not currently shipping to other countries. We are also not able to provide warranty coverage when a camera is taken outside the US or Canada.

Please click the Contact Us button below to let us know what country you’re from, and where you’d love to see Kuna Powered devices ship to next - it’ll help us assess where to grow in the future!

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