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Where Can I Install Toucan?

Your Toucan camera can be mounted almost anywhere - on the wall next to your existing light fixture, or even on the ceiling! The micro USB cable that is included in the Toucan Surveillance kit is approximately 3 feet long, and you can flip your Toucan's video directly from the Kuna App.

If the included cable is not long enough for your needs, a longer micro USB cable will work just fine. Our customers have had good experience with USB extension cables up to 12ft long, both unbranded and standard brands, such as Belkin and Monoprice branded USB cables.

For safety, and to keep your warranty valid, we do not recommend connecting Toucan to a different power source other than the Smart Socket. Toucan is designed to work with an existing outdoor light fixture.

Not sure if Toucan will work with your setup? Give us a call or send an email to We're happy to help!

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